(population: 27,000) Renford is the second largest city in the kingdom of Gwynne.

This busy seaport is located on the mouth of the Rose River, as it spills into the Sea of Orel. Unlike Ashara, most of Renford's income comes from sea-trade, so its quays are usually crowded with merchant vessels from Eldara, Orel, and Thûle. Like most Gwynnish settlements, the city is over-crowded and dirty, filled with corruption, poverty, and decay.

Because of a long history of wars with neighboring Üthrar, the city has high stone walls to protect its inhabitants, and a large large military garrison to patrol its streets. But, despite the presence of those soldiers, crime and violence remain rampant here.

Renford is also the home port of the Gwynnish navy, which maintains a large squadron of 20 warships in the harbor. Most ground caravans arrive via the Stoneway, which runs connects the city to Carthac Keep and Ashara.


The city of Renford is currently ruled by Duke Halder Van Deen, and is also home to House Arabani and its most famous daughter—Ileosa.