Isle of Renthara

Renthara is a large island that makes up the territory of the kingdom of Rennsfar.

Renthara was the island’s name when it was the largest southern province of the kingdom of Ralas. Renthara is separated from the neighboring Volnar Isle by the Volnar Strait.


In the year 884/3, Corwyn was struck by the Great Rift; an earthquake so powerful, it greatly enlarged the Sea of Ralas, created the Iron Sea, and created three massive continent-sized islands; one of these was the Isle of Renthara. The other two islands were Vesarivon and Westvale.

Before that time, the '"Isle of Renthara" had been physically attached to the continent of Corwyn.


Renthara was first explored by the Catalans; a ethnic sub-group of the Ralani, who founded the first human settlements on the island. The largest of these was the ancient city of Tymor.