King Rhodan Mallistäer

One of the Seven Champions of the West and founder of the Thannish Kingdom of Rhodara. Rhodan was the first holder of STORMBRINGER; one of the seven Melanthir swords, given to him by the Council of Sorcerë as a reward for his courage and leadership. After the end of the Twilight War, Rhodan founded the kingdom of Rhodara in 38/4, and assumed the Granite Throne. Rhodan also ordered expansion of Ashara, one of the great fortified cities of Corwyn, and took Castle Myrkur as his citadel. Rhodan was one of two Thannish kings to be given a Melanthir sword. The other was his half-brother King Eldan Durethë. Rhodan was a bastard son of Valden Durethë, but took his mother's maiden name when he formed his own kingdom.

Rhodan and his half brother hated each other, and only when their father died, did they try and get along together to defeat Alokkair. By the year 33/4, relations were again at a breaking point, and open warfare soon broke out. This terrible conflict cost tens of thousands of lives and became known as the Twilight War. The war dragged on for five long bloody years, until an agreement was reached separating the two countries into two smaller Kingdoms; Eldara and Rhodara. King Rhodan continued to rule Rhodara until his death in the year 47/4; He was the first monarch of the Mallistäer Dynasty.