Lost Kingdom of Rhodara

Rhodara was an ancient Thannish kingdom which arose from the dissolution of the nation of Valdor.

With the death of Valden the Conqueror, his two sons; Eldan and Rhodan resumed their bitter quarrel over control of the massive kingdom their father had bequeathed them. This quarrel soon escalated into a bloody conflict known as the Twilight War, which resulted in Valdor being torn apart.

When the war came to a close, Eldan was the clear victor, holding nearly two-thirds of the territory, his brother held the remainder. Eldan's territory became the kingdom of Eldara and Rhodan's became Rhodara. The kingdom continued to be ruled by the Mallistäer Dynasty until King Radovan Mallistäer II was slain during the Battle of Flint Harbor.

After Radovan’s death, Rhodara was ruled for a disastrous, twenty-five year period by the Gwynnett Dynasty, when the "Mad-King" Gayorg Gwynnett sat upon the Rhodaran Crimson Throne.

Once Gayorg came to power, dark events soon began to take place. The young king worshiped sorcery and the black arts. He also had a penchant for violence and torture. Within a year, Gayorg began the disastrous War of Annexation.

At the Battle of Keslyn in 1279/4, Gayorg's army was defeated, he was slain, and his Elanthir captured. With the fall of Gayorg came the destruction of Rhodara, which was broken up into a new and smaller realm called Gwynne.