Lost Kingdom of Rhodara

Rhodara was an ancient Thannish kingdom which arose from the dissolution of the nation of Valdor.

With the death of Valden the Conqueror, his two sons; Eldan and Rhodan resumed their bitter quarrel over control of Valdor; the massive kingdom their father established. This quarrel soon escalated into a bloody conflict that came to be known as the Twilight War; which resulted in Valdor being torn apart.

When the war came to a close, Eldan was the clear victor. Because of Rhoands weaker position, only about one-third of former Valdorian territory was ceded to him. That territory became the newly established Kingdom of Rhodara, and Rhodan became its first king.


After defeating his enemies and being crowned, King Valden married Queen Anavel and had one son; Eldan. A few years later, Valden became involved with a noblewoman from the city of Ashara named Naomi Mallistäer, who became his mistress and bore him a second son named Rhodan. Despite the scandal, the King loved both his sons and raised up his younger bastard son to equal status of prince and made him his second heir.

Unfortunately sibling rivalry and jealousy between the two sons grew as the years went by. By the time Eldan and Rhodan grew into adulthood, they truly hated each other. Because of this bitter rivalry, the future of the Thannish Kingdom was in grave doubt. Around this same time, the threat of Alokkair was growing in the east and all the peoples of the West were preparing for war.

An ailing King Valden was visited by the Council of Sorcerë, who wanted to present the King with a gift of a Elanthir sword. In a compromise to save the western alliance; the Council of Sorcerë chose to grant two Elanthir swords to the Thannish race. The Vaas people, who had rejected the Saar's counsel, were thus excluded. Both of Valden's sons were given a sword, and both Eldan and Rhodan promised their dying father to put aside their differences and went off to war against Alokkair in the War of the Elanthir. King Valden died shortly thereafter.

After Alokkair's defeat, the hatred of the two brothers renewed again with increased bitterness. In a series of frantic negotiations to prevent a massive civil war between the Thannish clans, an agreement was brokered. This resulted in two separate kingdoms being formed in the early years of the Fourth Age. The western two-thirds of Valdor became Eldara under King Eldan; the eastern third of Valdor became Rhodara, which was named for its first king: Rhodan.

With this splintering, the kingdom of Valdor was ended. Rhodan chose his home city of Ashara as his capital, and built the Granite Throne and placed it in the Great Hall of Castle Myrkur.


Rhodara was one of two Thannish nations founded in the early days of the Fourth Age. The kingdom of Rhodara was founded by King Rhodan Mallistäer in 38/4, and was ruled by the Mallistäer Dynasty until 1264/4, when King Radovan Mallistäer II was slain during the Battle of Flint Harbor.

After Radovan’s death, Rhodara was ruled for a disastrous, twenty-five year period by the Gwynnett Dynasty, when the "Mad-King" Gayorg Gwynnett sat upon the Rhodaran Crimson Throne.

Once Gayorg came to power, dark events soon began to take place. The young king worshiped sorcery and the black arts, and had a penchant for violence and torture. Within a year, King Gayorg had turned the Thannish kingdom of Rhodara into a tyranny where its people knew only fear and dread. In 1283/4, King Gayorg decided to invade and conquer the neighboring kingdoms of Orel and Eldara, and began the disastrous War of Annexation. Because of Gayorg’s reputation for cruelty and sorcery, both Alveron and Melinarë eventually came to Eldara’s aid.

By 1289/4, the war was not going so well for Gayorg, his armies were beaten, and he was surrounded by foes, marching on his capital of Ashara. Gayorg ordered his armies to commit murder, rape and pillage in occupied Orellian territory, causing the deaths of tens of thousands. This evil favor was repaid in kind by the advancing Eldaran, Orellian, and Rynnish armies as they marched into Rhodara.

Finally, at the Battle of Keslyn, Gayorg's army was defeated. He was slain and his Elanthir captured. With the fall of Gayorg came the destruction of Rhodara, which was broken up into a new and smaller realm called Gwynne.

The House of Gwynnett survived to rule the kingdom of Gwynne, but never forgot the humiliation of the Battle of Keslyn or the loss of the family heirloom which they still believe was their right.

Most Rhodaran cities and castles survive today; although, they no longer bear the Rhodaran coat of arms; a white tiger on an orange field. The kingdom of Rhodara encompassed the territories of what are today the realms of Gwynne and parts of Orel.