(population: 35,000) Rilsavar is the bustling capitol city of the kingdom of Elyria.

On a large flat hill, overlooking the city is the impregnable fortress of Castle Krasdan. The city of Rilsavar is located on the northern border of Elyria along both banks of the large Eldir Vaas river. The city was once an important western citadel of Erindar, but after the War of Succession, it became the capitol of Elyria under Queen Elwyn.

Rilsavar is accessible from north and south via the Axeway, and from the west by the Greenway. This city is unique on Corwyn, in that it has a large population of both gnomes and halflings, as well as many humans.

Rilsavar is currently governed by Duke Rand Tokari.

Local History

The present day city of Rilsavar traces its origins back to the Fourth Age, when it was an independent City-state called the "Kingdom of Rilsavar," and was ruled by the ancient House of Rilsav. The Rilsavs fought against the Iskari during the Karthic Wars, but when the war turned against them, changed sides and joined with the Kingdom of Cyrendar to avoid complete destruction.

In the year 15/5, King Casperian Rilsav of Rilsavar was slain at the Battle of Axbridge by Erin Fremantle, during his campaign to forge the Kingdom of Erindar