The Rimskull is an ancient, mysterious temple located deep within the Crystalpeak Mountains of Iskandar.

The Rimskull appears as a great stone skull; with an opening built into its "mouth."

It is believed that this temple was built a thousand years ago by a tribe of Stone Giants known as the Stor-Val, but its original purpose remains a mystery.

The temple is essentially a great circular chamber built into the peak of Mount Khodar, and is accessible only by a long winding stone stair carved into the mountainside.

Inside the chamber are seven statues; each sculpted in the likeness of a wizard sitting upon an elaborate throne. The Thrones are each carved with different runes from an ancient, forgotten language called Iskamaic.

Recent Events

It was recently discovered that the seven statues represented the Runelords of the long-lost Iskari Empire, and were actually part of an elaborate, magical portal.

When one of seven keys was inserted into the mouth of each statue, the portal energized and allowed access to Runeforge.