Rin Falar

(population: 51,000) Located in southern Eldara, Rin Falar is the Kingdom's second-largest city.

Rin Falar lies only a scant 200 miles north of the Kerak, the great barrier erected by the Ravinian Empire to ward off invasion by Vilzar. The city is large and bustling, home to the largest concentration of the Falar people; a large Thannish ethnic group.

The city of Rin Falar is accessible via the Rin Falar Road which connects the city to Eldarand to the north and from the south via the unpaved Desert Road, that connects it the Gateway Keep and the Isthmus Road further south.

Because of its proximity to the Vilzari border, this heavily fortified city has thick stone walls, many towers, and strong brass gates. Those defenses have often proved necessary in the city's long history.

The city is situated on a series of hills, sitting astride a fork in the massive Rinn River. A series of stone causeways lead to its gates, and drawbridges can be quickly raised to prevent entry of invaders.

Today, the city is governed by Duke Crispin Falkirk, who also rules the Duchy of Rin-Falon.

Local History

In the late Third Age, Rin Falar founded by the Falar; a large Thannish ethnic subgroup. The settlement grew into a large city which eventually became the capital of a small nation called the Rin Falar Freehold.

By the end of the Third Age, the city came to be was ruled by a mighty warrior who called himself the "Iron Duke." The Duke foolishly opposed the might of Valden the Conqueror, who defeated his army, slew him in battle, and captured the city.

After the defeat of the Iron Duke, Rin Falar became part of the expanding kingdom of Valdor, and was later absorbed into the kingdom of Eldara.