"Rise of The Runelords:" The Story

Session-1: Journey to Sandpoint.

The PCs were hired to escort Sam's caravan to Sandpoint and were invited to attend the Swallowtail Festival. The party learned many things: First they heard about the Old Light, the town's only landmark, second they learned about the "Late Unpleasantness," a series of horrific murders that plagued the town seven years ago, and the legend of the "Chopper," who committed those crimes before being caught. Third, they learned about Amara Korvas and her father Loren, her half-brother Avon, and the sordid family history they have. Fourth, they learned about Nualia, an orphan left in town many years ago and taken in by Father Ezekien. Unfortunately, Ezekien died in a fire that burned down the old temple seven years ago, right around the time of the murders.

Session-2: A festival turns deadly….

the Swallowtail Festival began, the PCs all met the group of musicians hired to play at the festival, and much food and drink was had by all. Until, a large group of goblins attacked the festival and the town of Sandpoint. In the frenzied melee, over a dozen citizens and many goblins were slain. the party saved Aldern Foxglove from certain death at the White Deer inn, and he promised to take them on a boar-hunt to show his appreciation. After the attack was over, the group discovered that someone had opened the north gate to allow the goblins in, and killed the gate guard. Also, while the attack was taking place, someone dug up Father Ezekien's body from the Temple graveyard and stole his remains. The following morning, the party was to meet a ranger named Shalelu, who had arrived to report on her findings about the local goblin tribes and what she knew about the reasons for the attack.

Session-3: Getting ot know Sanpoint

After recovering from their wounds, the party spent some time in the town of Sandpoint. They went on a boar hunt with Aldern Foxglove, and .