Born to a human father and an elven mother, Riven was always caught between two worlds. His father, a retired soldier, trained him in the art of combat from a young age, while his mother taught him the ways of stealth and deception. Riven quickly realized that he had a talent for both, and began to hone his skills as a rogue. After his father's death in battle, Riven set out on his own, using his combat prowess and thieving skills to survive in a dangerous world. Now, he seeks adventure and riches, always looking for the next opportunity to prove himself.

Riven has piercing blue eyes that seem to shift color depending on the lighting and his mood. His hair is jet black, and kept short and tousled. He has a lean, muscular build, with scars and calluses on his hands from years of training and fighting. Riven's skin is sun-kissed and slightly freckled, hinting at his half-elven heritage.