King Robar Alesard

Robar Alesard was a famous ruler of Orel, who led his people to victory in the War of Annexation against Rhodara.

Robar was the eldest son of King Rygar, and assumed the Gilded Throne after his father was slain during the Battle of Relanoth; while fighting the Vilzari in the Incursion Wars. Robar also fought heroically in that war; participating in many bloody skirmishes against his Vilzari foes and winning many victories against them.

Only four years after the Incursion Wars ended, the young king found himself hard-pressed once again, the "Mad-King" [[[|Gayorg Gwynnett]]] of Rhodara invaded Orel; triggering in the War of Annexation. For four bloody years, King Robar led his beleaguered Orellian forces against the Rhodaran invaders.

Robar fought heroically in the Battle of Heath's Dike and later used his diplomacy skills to convince both the High-Elves of Melinarë and the Rynnish of Alveron to join his alliance against Rhodara. Robar was present at the final Battle of Keslyn, where Gayorg was slain and Rhodara forced to surrender.

He spent the rest of his life rebuilding Orel into the powerful mercantile nation it is today. For these accomplishments, Robar is today, considered one of the greatest Orellian heroes.