Rockdale is a large region of northwestern Avokhar, surrounded by gigantic mountains, volcanoes, and dense jungle.

The Rockdale runs east from the Wild Coast of the Shining Sea, along the Hellfire Mountains, to the borders of the Sanjaara Jungle.

Most inhabitants are human, of the Ralani and Eloysian ethnicities, but there are also several hostile tribes of gnolls, lizardfolk, and Tasloi in the region as well.

Prominent human settlements in this region include;

Along the far northern border of Rockdale is the fortress of Ironspike, which guards the southern entrance into the Sky-Valley of Kendar.

Most of the Rockdale region can be traversed via the Malachite Road, which runs between Ironspike and Caldera, then the Rockdale Road, which runs between Caldera and the coastal city of Sasserine.