Rod of Seven Parts

The Rod of Seven Parts is an ancient and powerful magical artifact also known as "The Rod of Law".

The rod was broken into seven segments, each with its own powers. The command words for each segment are: "Ruat," "Caelum," "Fiat," "Justitia," "Ecce," "Lex," and "Rex," which collectively make up a Latin phrase that translates into "Though heaven fall, let justice be done. Behold! Law is king."

The Rod of Seven Parts was an artifact created by the Vaati. The device was used Wind Dukes of Aaqa in the ancient War of Wrath,

Legend has it, the Rod of Law was used in the Battle of Pesh to imprison an evil being known as Miska the Wolf-Spider. The rod was broken into seven fragments during this conflict, and the seven individual pieces were scattered across the world.