King Rodrik Kilräen II

Rodrik Kilräen II was the fifteenth and last Amari monarch of his Dynasty, the last ruler of Amar, and the first King of Ammarind.

As a young prince, Rodrik was joined by marriage to Lady Antonia Orsini; who was first cousin to then-prince Estris of Erindar. The marriage was arranged in 408/6 by his father; King Maladric II and King Eduard of Erindar. This was a political ploy designed to secure a blood alliance to help defeat the Erindari Rebellion.

When the Halberon Uprising broke out in the year 404/6 King Rodrik supported the Loyalist faction, contributing aid and money to the Ivory Throne. Although Rodrik stopped short of sending in official military forces, but he allowed several thousand former Amari troops to be used as mercenaries in the fighting against the rebellion. In fact, these mercenaries formed the now-legendary Steelfist Regiment, which survives into the present day.

After the Halberon Uprising ended, Heremmer; the new King of Erindar, forced hundreds of loyalist nobles and their families into permanent exile. These Erindari exiles moved east into Amar and allied themselves with the Amari nobility.

In the year 426/6, with the support of these noble factions, King Rodrik created the new kingdom of Ammarind and became its first king.