Roland Markova

Roland Markova is a Thannish nobleman from Ashara.

Roland took over as Patriarch of House Markova upon the death of his father; Radovan ten years ago. It was Roland's father who built House Markova into such as extremely wealthy family, with extensive landholdings both in and around Ashara.

The Markova family are not actual titled-nobility, but are rather high-class merchants. The Markovas are looked upon with disdain by the "true" nobility of Ashara; the old-money families with many titles and long lineages who cannot abide these "nouveau-riche."

It is said that when Radovan Markova's petition for a title of nobility was denied a few years ago, he went "laughing all the way to the bank." For Radovan knew his family could easily buy out half of Ashara's noble families.