Role Playing Mechanics (Book of Al-Karym)

The Book of Al-Karym contains the universe’s single greatest collection of profane lore, detailing the evil planes and their denizens with an audacious comprehensiveness beyond that which a tome of its size should be able to physically contain. This blasphemous book, written by the God of Death, consists of numerous scattered chapters divided into three volumes: Daemonic, Demonic, and Diabolic. Should all three chapters of these volumes, be united in their entirety, the completed compilation exhibits the following abilities.

The complete Book of Al-Karym radiates a permanent un-hallow effect in a 150-foot radius and a sympathy effect automatically tuned to attract all evil creatures. Any creature of good alignment that willingly touches the tome must succeed at a DC 23 Fortitude save or be immediately s lain.

Additionally, while the Book of Al-Karym is outside of its repository (see below), any evil being of demigod- level power (demon lords, infernal dukes) or greater using scry or a similar spell can view the Book of Al-Karym with no risk of being detected by the bearer. Finally, any creatures that make use of any of the tome's abilities are damned, condemned to one of the Lower Planes after their death regardless of their past of future deeds. Only the intervention of a deity can prevent this punishment.

The complete compilation of the Book of Al-Karym can be used in multiple ways; as a profane talisman, as an obscene reference volume, and as a gate to the universe’s complete repository of unholy lore.


As long as the book of Al-Karym is carried, its owner casts all spells with the evil description as if he or she was five levels higher, and gains a +8 bonus on all Charisma based skills and checks when interacting with other evil characters or outsiders. The bearer can also make use of the following spell-like abilities at will: Align weapon (evil only) bestow curse, detect evil, speak with dead, command undead. 3x per day: banishment, blasphemy, dictum, magic circle, un-hallow, unholy aura, unholy blight, word of chaos. Once per day— dimensional lock, gate, greater planar binding, soul bind


Any character who can read Abyssal, Celestial, and infernal, who spends a total of 30 days (not necessarily contiguously) studying the tome learns Soul-Tainting secrets, the ultimate Blasphemies of all creation. The bearer gains a +15 bonus on Knowledge (Planar) checks whenever he or she consults the book for at least one hour regarding a question. Additionally, the book's descriptions of the Abyss, the Grey Wastes, and the nine Hells prove so vivid that any teleportation to or within those planes always brings the caster to the desired location (no familiarity roll needed).

The bearer of the Book of Al-Karym also gains a +5 bonus on the opposed Charisma check required the planar binding spell (this bonus stacks with the bonus the tome grants on interactions with evil outsiders)

Once per day, the bearer can ask the tome a question relating to any profane topic. He or she then opens the book to a random page to find the answer, revealed as if the bearer had cast the Vision spell.

The Book also contains every known spell with an evil spell descriptor.

The Book also contains the date of death of every mortal in the world, and reading the name aloud accelerates that person’s death to instantaneous. (instant death/no saving throw)


Once per day, the bearer of the Book of Al-Karym can cause the tome to disappear into its own internal demi-plane, leaving behind a shimmering sinister portal. This effect reproduces the effects of a Mage’s Magnificent Mansion spell, allowing the bearer and those he or she chooses to enter an un-nerving but semi-safe library, filled with countless volumes of blasphemous records that the Book serves as merely a window upon.

The book and those within the repository are affected by a powerful non-detection effect, shielding all within from the sight of all mortal and gods, other than Al-Karym.

Creatures do not age while inside, although upon leaving, they immediately age an amount equal to the time spent inside. While within the demi-plane, visitors may access any of the powers described above .

Creatures of non-evil alignment find the macabre surroundings and frightening servants found with the repository completely unsettling, and must make a DC 30 Will save or be driven insane.

The Entrance to the Repository of the Book of Al-Karym can be entered by creatures other than the bearer chooses, but only during lunar eclipses and the midnight hour of a new moon, during which time the portal to the repository resembles a normal door.

Long-Term Effects

Damnation: Those who read from this tome are unequivocally damned. When the reader is slain, her soul is condemned to the Abyss, the Grey wastes or Hell, as the Book deems appropriate. Such the ancient accord that prevents the taint of the blasphemous tome's secrets from being carried into the goodly realms in the afterlife. Only the direct intervention of a deity can save a soul that has read from the Book of Al-Karym, and such powers are loath to break their eternal pledges.