Rolf Lamm

Rolf Lamm is the bastard son of Gaedren Lamm

Rolf was born a bastard in the slums of Ashara, fathered by the despicable Gaedren. For that reason, his father never treated him like the other orphans he used. Instead he took Rolf into his home and gave the boy his last name.

But despite this act of kindness, Rolf was always troubled. Even as a child, he tortured animals and was fascinated with dead bodies. As he grew older, he developed strange "tastes" and was avoided by almost everyone around him. He is currently the most feared of Gaedren's enforcers and is rumored to have his own sick 'hobbies' on the side.

Because of his father's underworld influence, and the corruption of Ashara's City Guard, Rolf has never been brought to justice for any of his crimes.