Rory Barbarosa

Rory Barbarosa was an infamous explorer from Sasserine, and the Captain of the sailing ship: Gallivant. He was widely known for making the first successful voyage to the Isle of Dread.

For many centuries, the Isle of Dread was thought to be nothing more than a legend, and it was viewed as nothing more than nautical folklore told and retold by seafaring explorers.

However, about thirty years ago, the Isle’s existence was confirmed by Rory Barbarosa, who discovered the Isle while aboard the Gallivant. Barbarosa’s journal detailed the Isle and its location: thousands of miles to the south; deep within the Shining Sea.

Captain Barbarosa always intended to return to the Isle, but he ran afoul of a powerful wizard in Sasserine and suffered an untimely demise. However, the Gallivant, his map of the Isle, and his log survived. It was inevitable that word soon spread throughout Sasserine about the treasure-filled paradise Barbarosa had discovered.

Inspired by the tales recounted by Barbarosa and his crew, several other groups of adventurers attempted to find the elusive Isle. Twenty-five years ago, one group actually hired Barbarosa's very own ship, although with a new captain and crew. Unfortunately, the treacherous return voyage to the Isle claimed the Gallivant, and many uncounted souls.

Finding the isle again seemed a lost cause until fifteen years ago. It was then that Captain “Mad” Madsen; one of Barbarosa’s original crew, again undertook the voyage south. Madsen's ship; the Morningstar, survived the journey and Captain Madsen was able to create the first accurate sea charts that finally placed the long-lost Isle on official maps and sea-charts of the region.

Those charts and maps are Barbarosa's legacy.