Rothaxas Van Brynn

Rothaxas Van Brynn was once an aspiring knight of the Silver Ravens, but fell from grace and became an evil knight and one of the most viscous, wanted criminals anywhere on Corwyn.

During training at Berevroms Keep, Rothaxas became too aggressive with another student and killed him. The instructors and elders at the Order of Tetragon were horrified by his violent act and by his complete lack of remorse over the killing. They could not prove he did the act intentionally, so there was no crime to charge him with. Instead the Order expelled him and sent him away.

After that debacle, Rothaxas did not return home to Derianor, but traveled east, where he eventually met up with some nefarious people. Together, this group of criminals and fiends began a spree of murder and mayhem previously unheard of in western Corwyn. Today, Rothaxas is under a death warrant in seven kingdoms and five different Freeholds. He is currently at large and his whereabouts unknown.

Rothaxas is the older brother of Demexas Halcyon.