Runeforge is a magical demi-plane created long by the Runelords of the Iskari Empire

The Runelords of Iskandar created Runeforge for two purposes, to conduct magical research and as a protective sanctuary

When it was created, Runeforge took the form of a rocky sphere two miles in diameter, floating in a spatially infinite void.

The entire structure was located on its own plane of existence.

Within the interior of the massive sphere, all habitable areas were carved out.

Runeforge contained seven wings, each arranged around a central hub, which contained a massive rune-well and statues of the seven Runelords who ruled the Empire in it final days.

From the central chamber, all seven wings were accessible via a long tunnel.

Each of the seven wings was controlled by a loyal Apprentice, who sacrificed himself to eternal imprisonment within.

One of the most potent effects of the demi-plane was that it granted immortality as long as one stayed within its boundaries.

The central hub of Runeforge was maintained by an awakened brass golem, called the "Caretaker," and was only accessible via a gate-portal called Rimskull.

The seven chambers of Runeforge

  • Vault of Greed
  • Festering Maze of Sloth
  • Abjurant Halls of Envy
  • Iron Cages of Lust
  • Shimmering Veils of Pride
  • Halls of Wrath
  • Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony