The Runelords of Iskandar

The history of the ancient Runelords is an integral part of the history of the lost Iskari Empire of Iskandar; a distant continent far to the west of Corwyn, across the Wyn Myr.

Most sages agree that the Iskari Empire was founded on Iskandar more than 7,000 years ago by its First Emperor: Il-Khazar Caridan. As the Iskari Empire grew beyond the bounds of Il-Khazar's ability to control, both militarily and administratively, he divided the empire into seven large districts. Emperor Il-Khazar then appointed seven powerful wizards to serve as governors to oversee those seven regions. These wizards eventually became known as the "Runelords."

The Runelords became the most skilled and power-hungry nobles in the Iskari Empire, if not the entire continent of Iskandar. Over the centuries, the seven Runelords began to secretly conspire to secure power for themselves, and waited for the opportunity to escape servitude under Emperor Il-Khazar. This opportunity appeared when the Emperor, in advanced old age after having ruled the Empire for more than four centuries, somehow destroyed himself and much of his palace in a mysterious magical event. The seven Runelords then seized the opportunity and subjugated all those loyal to Il-Khazar; including his only son, Il-Khezet, who became a so-called 'puppet emperor.'

As time went on, the seven Runelords were not satisfied with rule of their respective Imperial districts and soon each plotted to someday become ruler of the entire Iskari Empire. There are many legends about the strife within the empire that was caused by these rivalries between the Runelords. Legends say each of the seven Runelords specialized in a single school of magic and possessed a mighty weapon which not only served them in battle, but also became a symbol of their rule.

Also, it became a tradition that each Runelord had an loyal Apprentice, who learned from his master and would replace him upon his death. The Runelord apprentices were themselves powerful wizards, and fiercely loyal to their individual masters.

Unfortunately for the Runelords, and all the peoples of the continent of Iskandar; The Iskari Empire was destroyed in the year 1137 of the Third Age, when a meteor shower came down from the sky and impacted Iskandar, utterly destroying the Empire and its Runelord overseers. This cataclysmic event was called Skyfall.

The seven final Runelords, their Imperial District Capitals, and their Apprentices are listed below:


Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath; ruled city of Arakhan; Apprentice was Xalias

Belimarius, Runelord of Envy; ruled city of Invidia; Apprentice was Sadrakus

Karzoug, Runelord of Greed; ruled city of Shalast; Apprentice was Rorskan

Krune, Runelord of Sloth; ruled city of Orlakan; Apprentice was Dekolo

Sorakan, Runelord of Lust; ruled city of Kharzad; Apprentice was Volanskyr

Xanderghul, Runelord of Pride; ruled city of Cyr; Apprentice was Xandervhal

Zuthan, Runelord of Gluttony; ruled city of Ghatash; Apprentice was Zyrak