Rygar's War

(1263-1264/4) Rygar's War was a conflict lasting, between the fledgling nation of Orel and Thûle.

Orel had just broken away from Eldara, after fighting a long and bloody war of independence. Even though the Orellians had been victorious, they were still weak and tired. Furthermore, the Orellians had sent many troops to fight the Vilzari in the Incursion wars which had been going on since 1256/4.

The Thûlians’ goal was to destabilize and conquer the new kingdom and gain complete control over its territories, seaports, and the sea lanes of the South Sea. The Orellians fought back stubbornly, and although weakened from their earlier war against Eldara and despite the fact that many of their troops were stationed in Eldara to guard against Vilzari incursions, the forces of Orel still managed to defeat the Thûlians in the first of what would be many more wars to come.

It was during this war, that Orel's leaders learned a valuable lesson, that the best way to protect their land territory was with a powerful navy, not a large army. Rygars' War was largely fought at sea, because most of the Orellian land forces were away south fighting Vilzari raiders.

King Rygar Alesard won his greatest victory during this war; at Naskan Bay.