S' Thar
Home Plane: Athylon
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Liberation
Portfolio: Luck, Gambling, Thieves, Chance
Worshipers Rogues, gamblers
Symbol: Dice
S'Thar is Corwyn’s Goddess of Thieves and Luck.

As one of the second generation of the Malkar; S’Thar is the daughter of Ethenghar, the neutral God of Destiny, and is one of the youngest of the neutral deities.

S’Thar is envisioned to be a beautiful woman, constantly whispering messages of luck to gamblers, gamers, and thieves. She is the mistress of luck and matron-deity of thieves and gamblers everywhere. S'Thar is the matron Goddess of money and wealth, and to some extent, avarice.

Her symbol is a pair of magic Dice that she throws constantly in her games of chance in the world. She has few followers, only the lucky who thank her and the unlucky who curse her name. Her few priests wear bright red robes to symbolize the power of chance in every human endeavor. S’Thar has no temples, because her followers believe that casinos and gambling halls serve the same purpose. As a neutral Goddess, S’Thar has no rivals.