The Saar; or "Wisemen" in elvish, was the name given by the elves to a group of powerful human wizards who later formed the Council of Sorcerë. The elvish Synfari coined the phrase, and helped the early Saar learn their secrets of magic and the arcane arts.

The last nine members of the Saar council were:

1. Endacil the Enchanter, " Endacil the Yellow"
2. Metaron the Evoker "Metaron the Brown"
3. Arigold the Conjurer, "Arigold the Red"
4. Cyrond the Diviner, "Cyrond the Blue"
5. Halakrün the Abjurer, "Halakrün the Purple"
6. Koriel the Illusionist, "Koriel the Green"
7. Grafenvär the Transmuter, "Grafenvär the Gray"
8. Sorimmar the Necromancer, "Sorimmar the Black"
9. Thromm the Invoker, "Thromm the White"

As a token of their magical powers, each Saar had possession of one the Saar-Stones.