The Saar-Stones were nine magical artifacts created by the Council of Sorcerë.

The stones were created by the Council in 250/3, to grant immortality to the nine senior Saar members. One stone was given to the senior wizard from each of the eight schools of magic, and a ninth was given to the chosen head of the council. When used together, the nine combined stones were as powerful as the Orenthir. One of these stones is still in the possession of Sorimmar, seven were lost or destroyed in the Battle of Harkalad, and the one held by Grafenvär the Transmuter survived but what became of it remains a mystery.

The last nine holders of the Saar-Stones were as follows;

Legend of Cleos the Chronomancer

There have been many legends among sages and scholars, that a tenth Saar-stone may have existed at one time; but its existence has remained a mystery. This tenth stone could have been wielded by Cleos; a powerful wizard who was once a member of the Council of Sorcerë. Legend has it, that as a high-ranking member, Cleos might have been granted his own Saar-Stone; or even crafted one for himself. Sages differ on the authenticity of this legend.