Sabrina Merrin

Sabrina Merrin is a beautiful Vilzari woman, who serves as the bodyguard and confidant of Queen Ileosa.

Sabrina was born in the furnace-like deserts of Vilzar, before being captured by slavers while still a young child. As a young girl, she was eventually sold to House Arabani of Renford and became a servant in their estate.

When the young girl came to the home of her new masters, she didn't even have a name. It was was 10-year old Ileosa who gave her the name "Sabrina," after hearing the child repeat the phrase "saab'heen-a" (Vilzari phrase for mercy)

Growing up together on the Arabasti estate, Sabrina and Ileosa kindled an extremely close friendship, and when Ileosa left home, she took Sabrina with her. Even back then, there were always whispers that the bond between the two women was more than just friendship.

After arriving in Ashara, Ileosa paid for Sabrina to be enrolled in the Orsini Academy, where she excelled beyond anyone's imaginations. Her former instructor; Vencarlo Orsini, freely admits Sabrina was the most gifted student he ever taught.

For unknown reasons, Sabrina had a bitter falling out with Vencarlo. Soon thereafter, she left the Academy to take on the role of personal bodyguard for Lady Ileosa. She has retained that position even now that Ileosa is the Queen of Gwynne.

In addition to her other duties, Sabrina commands the Gray Maidens; an all-female mercenary company.