Saffron Isles

The Saffron Isles is a small chain of five islands located in the far southwestern region of the Wyn Myr.

Long ago, during their great migration from Za'har, the Olman established a great colony here. On the largest island, they built a small city called Tolmec, with a large stone temple.

The Olman also erected many tall stone statues scattered throughout the islands, all of which were dedicated to their various Gods.

For unknown reasons, the Olman colony on these islands eventually withered away.

But before it did, the Olman used the islands as a important stopover to rest and resupply their food and water before traveling on to destinations further east; such as the Olman Islands and the Isle of Dread.

Today, only the stone statues and the crumbling ruins of Tolmec remain here.