Saffron Isles

The Saffron Isles is a small chain of five islands located in the far southwestern region of Wyn Myr.

Long ago, the Olman, fleeing east from Za'har, established a great colony here. The Olman built a small city and a large stone temple, along with many tall stone statues dedicated to their Gods. For unknown reasons, the Olman colony on these islands eventually died out . But before the Saffron Isles colony withered away, the Olman used the islands as a important stopover and base to rest and resupply their food and water before traveling onto destinations further east; such as the Olman Islands and the Isle of Dread.

Only the stone statues and crumbling ruins of the small Olman city of Tolmec remain today as a testament to the Olman civilization once located here.