Saffron Legion

The Saffron Legion is an elite, well-trained, and lavishly equipped mercenary unit that has a reputation for providing the best hired soldiers anywhere in the world of Oris.

Currently, about 5,000 of the Saffron Legion's soldiers are on retainer with the city of Sionjhäe. Hundreds of others have hired themselves out to wealthy merchants, slavers, and minor Lords; who readily pay their high retainer for protection.

Historically, at one time or another, the Legion has served the Eloysian Empire, all Seven Cities of Bronze, and the island nations of Al'Kethai, Ilsenene, Malvatis, Rhaygos, and Styr. At one point, the legion even served alongside the Knights of the Triskelion, fighting demons in the Riftwars on Za'har. Having fought in literally hundreds of conflicts over its history, the legion has gained a superb reputation as a premier fighting force.

The sigil of the Legion is a crowned-skull on a saffron yellow field. This emblem derives from the founding history of the unit, which, at that time, was in the service of Caliph Fareed of Sionjhäe. Caliph Fareed was completely incompetent and had his soldiers slaughtered by the Eloysians in a futile series of attacks in the Battle of Zhared.

Shortly after this disastrous battle, he was assassinated by the officers of the Saffron Legion. The new Overlord of Sionjhäe then surrendered the city a few days later. Afterward the Legion took as it sigil: the "dead-king,"


The Saffron Legion is made up of several regiments; one is the most feared and infamous is the Saffron Fleet; their marine regiment. This seagoing mercenary squadron made up of several large galleys, each equipped with trained marines. These ships have often been hired by the Slave Lords of Suderham for raiding coastal area of both Corwyn and Azoria for fresh slaves.

The Legion's motto is: "You pay us to fight for you, not to needlessly die for you"