Frostcrown Mountains (Salakrün Mts.)

This enormous mountain range; which men call the "Frostcrowns," and Dwarves call the "Salakrün", runs east from the southern base of the Saugreth-Muir mountain range. Beneath the mountains are the famous Bloodstone Mines and the lost Dwarven city of Krone Feyr.

These mountains were conquered by the dwarves early in the Fourth Age and the great Dwarf-realm of Kronar founded here. Over several centuries, the northern dwarves worked the Mines, and the Bloodstones found there made them fabulously wealthy.

That wealth built the great dwarven city of Krone Feyr and the dwarf-realm of Kronar that surrounded it.

Eventually, the Dwarf-realm was destroyed by Alokkair's orc hordes, and the dwarves were slain or driven out. For centuries thereafter, The mountains have been infested with innumerable orcs and goblins.


Today, the Frostcrowns serve as the border and as a buffer between the kingdom of Gwynne and the realm of Drakhara. Between the two realms are two narrow mountain passages that lead into the Ansilay Valley from opposite ends. In that valley lies the Freehold of Trevalia.

The the only known entrance to the Ansilay Valley from the north is the treacherous Morovar Pass. The only entrance to the valley from the south is the infamous Waymeet Pass.