The Salkröth

The Salkröth; which means ‘The Sentinel,' in elvish, is a mammoth battlement and gate built across the only central pass in the Saugreth-Muir Mountain Range.

The gate was ordered built by the Empress Ravinia in response to a devastating attack launched through the pass by Drakhara only a few years before, and was constructed between 433-505/5. The Salkröth was only partially successful during its use. After the fall of the Ravinian Empire, the Alomir kings of Alveron ordered it rebuilt.

The gate was enormously expensive to maintain, and by 665/6, it was attacked by Sorimmar’s forces and captured. The gate was then converted from a border outpost of Alveron to a stronghold of Drakhara. Now captured and controlled by Sorimmar’s forces, the Salkröth is a much feared location. It lies along the East Road that leads west to the city of Alenthas. The closest Rynnish outpost to the gate is Vanguard Keep.

Battle of the Salkröth

Battle in 665/6 between the forces of Alveron and Drakhara. During the battle, King Thelodren Alomir and his son Koradren were slain by the Zûl, and the Salkröth captured by Sorimmar’s forces. After this time the Salkröth became controlled by Sorimmar's armies, guarding his realm against Alveron and the White Alliance.