Saltmarsh refers to three places: a marshland region in the Kingdom of Serathyr, a powerful and influential Duchy of Serathyr, and a Serathian city by the same name.

The Saltmarsh

The Saltmarsh is a large coastal region of marshland in southern Serathyr; home to both the Duchy and city of Saltmarsh. The region is actually tidal marsh, along the Pirate Coast of the Sea of Ralas. It is dominated by dense stands of salt-tolerant plants such as herbs, grasses, or low shrubs sprouting up from either open saltwater or dark, foul-smelling brackish water that is regularly flooded by the tides.

Duchy of Saltmarsh

The Duchy of Saltmarsh comprises a large marshy region in southern Serathyr, spread between the branches and tributaries of both the Eldir Vaas and Kingfisher Rivers. The region is a series of hard rocky plateaus, called the "Salt-Cliffs;" intermingled with swamp and marshland.

The only large Ralani settlements located here are located along the banks of the Eldir Vaas and coast of the Sea of Ralas; the interior marshlands contain nothing but scattered salt mines, small villages, and demi-human tribes. The Saltcliffe Road runs east and west in this area from the Olde Peninsula Road to Castle Seaguard.

This region has been the site of two invasions by the Corsairs of Tar Vielca, in 663/6 and 695/6.

Saltmarsh is the ninth largest of the 16 Serathian Duchies, ruled by House Enzadi; the Duchy is comprised of nine Baronies: Raklyr, Larakan, High Hedge, Khent, White Cliff, Tammon Field, Herrondale, Voltas, and Eventide. Total population of the Duchy is 92,000. The capitol is Saltmarsh, but there are a dozen other small cities and large towns within the territory as well.


City of Saltmarsh

(Pop; 17,223) The city of Saltmarsh is the aptly named capitol of the Duchy; it is located on the only solid ground between the massive Eldir Vaas river and Kingfisher River deltas, as both spill into the Sea of Ralas. The city derives much of its wealth from river trade on the Eldir Vaas and as a seaport on the Sea of Ralas. Saltmarsh also derives wealth from local salt mines that provide the main export commodity. The city is accessible via the Saltcliffe Road that runs east to Castle Seaguard and the Olde Peninsula Road that runs north to Korthos and south to the capitol of Rastios.

The current Ruler of both the city and the Duchy of Saltmarsh is Duke Algor Enzadi

Important Sites:

Castle Argent: A large fortress located within the city. Historically, the fortress has played an important role in fending off coastal raids from the hated Corsairs of Tar Vielca. The Castle is currently the home of Duke Algor Enzadi, and has a strong garrison of 300 well-trained soldiers.

Description of the City

The bustling city of Saltmarsh is a fortified seaport with 12-foot stone walls surrounding its edges. Its walls are encrusted with salt spray and green vines. The city lies on a rocky plateau a few feet upland from the broad inlet on the wide Eldir Vaas River delta.

At any given time, over fifty fat cogs, sleek carracks, and other merchant vessels can be found tied up at various stone quays and rickety wooden piers on the harbor front; as well as hundreds of small fishing boats beached alongside them. All day, and well into the night, these ships are loaded and unloaded with various goods and parcels.

One ship based at Saltmarsh is unlike every other vessel in the harbor. She is the Gargoyle; a large Serathian warship, with a dark-green, armored hull, bright gold-painted trim and sails of yellow silk. She has catapults and ballista on her deck and a large crew of armed marines to wield them. The Gargoyle never docks; but instead anchors at the mouth of the Harbor. Her sole purpose here is to protect the city from the constant threat posed by Corsairs.

On a wide, flat hill in the center of town, lies a large castle; gloomy and forbidding on its lonely perch. Atop the main city gates, two great banners flutter on the battlements. One flag is dark green with three interlocked golden rings in its center. The second flag is a sandy tan color, with three black chevrons. It is clear from the long lines of incoming carts and wagons, that the main import of Saltmarsh is Rennsfari wine, usually Tymorian arbor. It is also clear, from the harbor's reek, that the city's other main import is fish.

The two main exports of Saltmarsh are salt; extracted from the deep mines of the Saltcliffe region, and timber from the northern riverlands. Every day, long lines of wagons, heavily laden with salt and timber, trundle toward the harbor to be loaded onto ships destined for ports of call along the Pirate Coast.



1. City walls
2. Guard towers
3. City gates
4. Watchtower / lighthouse
5. The Three Rings (Inn/tavern)
6. The Half-Moon (Inn/tavern)
7. Temple of Aleyssia
8. Castle Argent (300 soldiers)
9. Temple of Ator
10. Duke Algor's Estate
11. Shipwright’s Guildhall
12. Tamworth's Provisions
13. Gregan the Blacksmith
14. Artisan’s Guildhall
15. Courier /Scrivener Service
16. Gemcutter’s Guildhall
17. Merchant’s Guildhall
18. The Red Fox (Inn/tavern)
19. Saltmarsh Brewery
20. Temple of Shua
21. Enzadi Park
22. Veiled Society Guildhall
23. Alchemist’s Guildhall
24. City Playhouse
25. Warehouses
26. The Galloping Ghost (tavern)
27. Saltmarsh Shipyard
28. the Salty Wench (tavern/brothel)
29. Whitecap Shipping Company
30. The Rusty Anchor (tavern)
31. City Marketplace
32. The Saltcliffe (Inn/tavern)
33. Aldemar's Store
34. Torstan's Tannery
35. Bridge
36. Covered Bridge / Arcade of Shops
37. Bridge
38. The Gray Wolf (Inn/tavern)
39. Temple of Myrival
40. Saltmarsh Town Hall
41. Saltmarsh Academy (private school)
42. The Kingfisher (Inn/tavern)
43. City-Guard Barracks (125 militia)
44. Stone-Mason's Guildhall
45. The Exchange (bank)
46. Estate of Selena Kalvini
47. The Dancing Dryad (gambling hall/brothel)
48. Ertikos Shipping Company
49. Fish-monger's market
50. Slums District
51. fishmonger’s warehouse
52. Estate of Benjen Ayardi
53. Estate of Karth Lassiter
54. Estate of Errol Rasivath
55. Estate of Grenn Erisandro
56. Estate of Ishara Sostrin
57. Estate of Jasper Eronzo
58. Estate of Davos Ambyr
59. Estate of Arthos Orsini
60. Estate of Chiswyk Andrigal
61. City archives & Library
62. Watchtower
63. Oak Island
64. Estate of Fatima Ranaldi
65. Estate of Harkon Mertikos