Sanborn Dynasty

The Sanborn Dynasty was a line of Ralani rulers descended from King Athrenar Sanborn; who founded the Kingdom of Ralas in the year 31/4.

The House of Sanborn was an old and distinguished Mazareen noble family, who, by the end of the Third Age, had became the rulers of the city of Rastios. About this time, a young lord named Athrenar was approached by the Council of Sorcerë, who asked for his aid against the pending invasion of the West by the forces of Alokkair.

Recognizing the danger to all the free people of Corwyn, Athrenar answered the call and gathered his army. The Saar gave Athrenar "Darkslayer," a powerful magical sword, which he wielded in the War, along with the other "Seven Champions." Athrenar and the forces of the First Alliance defeated Alokkair and saved Corwyn.

As a result of his great victory, his fame and popularity grew and within a few years, all three Ralani ethnic groups united and anointed him as their first king. Athrenar named his kingdom "Ralas," ordered Iron Crown Keep built as his citadel, and chose its location on the island overlooking his home city of Rastios.

His descendants continued to rule the Kingdom for 1,213 years. The Dynasty ended in the year 1244/4, when King Malenvar III was lost at sea during the Battle of Volnar Strait. The Sanborn family was succeeded on the Dragon Throne by King Avner Montero.

The forty-six Sanborn Monarchs of Ralas


Athrenar 31-66/4*
Alaron 66-87/4
Arstan 87-115/4 †
Andros 115-132/4
Argilan 132-151/4
Arathar 151-167/4
Ryon 167-184/4
Aricela 184-202/4
Kerth 202-230/4
Argilac 230-253/4
Marilac 253-281/4
Alexian 281-326/4
Ardolan 326-352/4 †
Axilar 352-388/4
Andros II 388-420/4
Axilar II 420-454/4
Metaron 454-481/4
Athrenar II 481-507/4
Saris 507-533/4
Arstan II 533-569/4
Moriya 569-601/4
Alaron II 601-633/4
Axilar III 633-661/4
Elinor 661-678/4
Saris II 678-695/4
Argilan III 695-731/4
Cyrendil 731-746/4 †
Argilac II 746-779/4
Arondel 779-811/4
Durendil 811-849/4
Marilac II 849-876/4
Arathar III 876-903/4
Athrenar III 903-951/4
Rhienne 951-976/4 †
Mychal 976-1006/4
Durendil II 1006-1011/4
Arondel II 1011-1037/4
Elsinor 1037-1051/4
Malenvar II 1051-1074/4
Trystan 1074-1111/4
Arstan II 1111-1130/4
Athrenar IV 1130-1151/4
Alexian II 1151-1183/4
Sienna 1183-1201/4
Saris III 1201-1228/4
Malenvar III 1228-1244/4 †**