Sanjaara Jungle

The "Sanjaara;" as it is commonly called, is an enormous rain forest which stretches across two-thirds of the continent of Azoria.

Because of its dense and impenetrable nature, many regions of this vast jungle are unexplored and unknown even to this day.

The Sanjaara is, by far, the largest known jungle region in the world of Oris. The Sanjaara was once the home to several lost civilizations; most importantly, the enormous Eloysian Empire and its capital city of Sanjakar, but the great jungle has consumed them all.

The jungle was once home to the city S'serrak; the capital of Nagendra, a realm of serpent-folk that once ruled much of the Sanjaara, eons ago. The region was also home to the lost civilization of Sha'Dur and its magnificent city of Garuda.

Cutting through this massive jungle is the mighty Sanjaara River, the greatest waterway found anywhere in the world of Oris. The river's many branches and tributaries cut across the jungle like a great spider-web.

Local History

As with most places in the world, the first human occupants of the Sanjaara Jungle are lost to the mists of time. Around 4,000 years ago, scattered tribes of primitive humans known as the Kunda wandered the southern region of jungle, farming small plots and raising small herds of various beasts.

These settlements were never united and the Kunda tribes fought constantly over land and resources. The Kunda people eventually came into contact with the deadly serpent-folk of Nagendra, who had built a large city near the banks of the Serpent River, called S'serrak. The Kunda were easily defeated by the hated "Reptilians," and soon became enslaved by them.

However, in the northern reaches of the jungle, early tribes of ethnic Eloysians established a small kingdom called Eloysia, with the city of Sanjakar as its capitol. For the next 300 years, the Eloysians battled the Serpentfolk and their armies of Kunda slaves.

Neither side could achieve a decisive victory, and eventually a treaty was secured between the two powers. However, the Eloysians learned much from the Reptilians, including the secrets of using slave armies and the use of magic on the battlefield.


The Eloysians soon began to enslave entire tribes of Troglodytes, Tasloi, and powerful Qualons for use as their soldiers.

In addition, the Eloysians mastered the art of jungle warfare, using new tactics and incredible discipline. They would soon go on to forge a massive Empire that would dominate the entire continent for 2,000 years.