Sanjaara River

The Sanjaara River is the largest river on the continent of Azoria and the lifeblood of the great Sanjaara Jungle.

This river is so large that in some points one cannot see across to the other side. This enormous river is twice the size of the Amador River on the continent of Corwyn, and has long been imbued with magical properties.

In fact, the ancient wizards of the Iridescent Order used the magical energies of the river as a source of their power. The ruins of the fabled city of Sanjakar are located somewhere along this river, deep within the jungle.

The Sanjaara river gains its strength from thousands of tributaries in the Medrassi, Sha'Dur, and the Hellfire Mountain ranges. The river then gains speed and momentum as it flows northeast into a massive delta and spills into the Vhan Myr.

The River is considered the dominant waterway of the Continent, and it is said by sages it has ancient magical powers. The Iridescent Order utilized these powers to help build and shape the lost realm of Sha'Dur.