Lost City of Sanjakar

Now only vine-covered ruins located deep within the Sanjaara Jungle, the city of Sanjakar was once the capital of both the Kingdom of Eloysia, and later the enormous Eloysian Empire.

Historically, this city was the capital of the powerful Eloysian Empire, which controlled nearly the entire continent of Azoria throughout the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Ages. The last ruler of the city and the Empire it controlled was Emperor Xion III, known as "Xion the Mad."

In the year AR 2079, Emperor Xion was murdered and the Empire collapsed. The city of Sanjakar was devastated by fire shortly after and completely abandoned.

Eventually, the burnt-out ruins were consumed by the very jungle that surrounded them. Over the centuries, its exact location became a mystery, although many expeditions were sent out to find and plunder its legendary wealth.

None of these expeditions ever returned. Many people began to believe the ruins were guarded by the dark spirits of the fallen Eloysian Emperors and the Gods themselves.

Even today, locals claim the ruins are infected with the "Curse of the Jade Throne."

Legend has it; Sanjakar’s ruins contain vast hoards of treasure.