Lost City of Sanjakar

Now only vine-covered ruins, the city of Sanjakar was once the capitol of both the Kingdom of Eloysia, and later the enormous Eloysian Empire.

The city is now only a collection of crumbling stones, swallowed up by the great Sanjaara Jungle. Historically, this once great city was the capitol of the powerful Eloysian Empire of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Ages which controlled nearly the entire continent of Avokhar. The last ruler of the city and the Eloysian Empire it controlled was Emperor Xion III, known as "Xion the Mad."

After the collapse of the empire, the city was devastated by fire in AR 2079, shortly after the murder Emperor Xion the Mad. The city itself was soon consumed by the very jungle that surrounded it. Over the centuries, its exact location became a mystery, and many expeditions were sent out by other civilizations to discover its legendary vast wealth. None of these expeditions rvrt returned and the city has long been rumored to be cursed by both the Gods of Avokhar and the dark spirits of its fallen Emperors. Local sages claim the ruins are infected with the "Curse of the Jade Throne."

Sanjakar’s ruins lie somewhere deep in the Sanjaara Jungle waiting for someone to discover them and bring back the city’s long lost treasures.