Santagar Harrow

Santagar Harrow is a powerful Iskari aristocrat who currently rules the massive seaport of Natharos.

House Harrow

The Harrows are among the oldest and most prestigious noble families in the Kingdom of Iskandar. The Harrow family lineage traces back to the Iskari Empire on Ikharos, and the family can easily lay claim to a heritage dating "Back to the Boats," as the Iskari proverb goes.

Legend has it, During the Forty-Years War, Lord Idarius Harrow was a fierce and cunning Iskari commander who was given the task of capturing the Cynaran city of Natharos.

He and a handful of warriors snuck into the city through the sewers, and infiltrated the palace of Thane Kennard; the city ruler. Idarius slew Kennard in single combat and captured the city literally overnight. As a reward, he was granted the title of "Duke," and given lordship over the city and its surrounding Duchy of Everlon.

For thousands of years, the Harrow family has controlled the City of Natharos and, because of that control, become the wealthiest noble family in Iskandar. Indeed there is an old saying; "The Harrows don't need to rule Iskandar, they can simply buy it."

House Harrow has always harbored resentment toward the Crown; for on several occasions, their family was denied a seat on the Onyx Throne. Most recently, after the death of King Ilathrin II during the War of Crows, Lord Meraxas Harrow maneuvered to take the throne for himself; but because of political infighting and old rivalries, the Crown was instead given to House Brevald and Istavar anointed King.

The Harrow family took this as a grave insult to their honor and lineage, because the Brevalds were a far younger noble house, and held none of the prestige and long, distinguished history of House Harrow.

The Harrows have brooded upon this with bitter resentment to this very day. In fact, this resentment led Santagar's eldest son; Telghar to leave home at age seventeen and join the Grey Watchers. Father and son are estranged to this very day.