Saravôsh was once the greatest surface citadel of the Dark-Elves, but in the year 1036/2, was utterly destroyed by a magical catastrophe that also created the enormous Grôn chasm.

After Saravôsh was destroyed in the War of Wrath, the horrific magical energies expended in its destruction unleashed a dark force of nature called Ashfall; a period of 100 years of black rain and darkness that covered most of eastern Corwyn, poisoning the lands forever. One of the unexpected results of Ashfall was the Taint. This irreversible magical poisoning caused the appearance of the Dark-Elves to be altered forever; their skin turned black, their hair turned white, and they began to hate sunlight. Soon after, the Dark-Elves began to migrate underground, mostly through the huge Grôn Chasm.

Battle of Saravôsh

Epic battle in 1036/2 between the Dark-Elves and Silvar-Elves during the War of Wrath. During the battle, the Dark-Elves were defeated and in a final act of desperation, unleashed a powerful magical explosion that killed the Elf-King Ismelian, destroyed both opposing armies, as well as the entire city of Saravôsh. The explosion also created an enormous chasm in the surface that came to be called Grôn. Only a lucky few Silvar-Elves escaped alive from this explosion, including Ismelian’s son, Talarion Brightstar.