Duke Saris DeMarco

Saris DeMarco is a powerful Ralani noble who currently rules the Rennsfari city of Tymor.

In his youth, Saris was a great sea-farer and adventurer. During the recent Emerald War, Saris bravely served the late King Argilan. He still holds much bitterness toward the Serathians because his younger brother Romo was slain during that conflict, at the Battle of Kestra.

It was the young Saris that brought King Argilan's body back to his widow and consoled her over the tragic loss. It is said that, on the bloody fields of Kestra, Saris slew thirty Serathian knights and soldiers that day; enraged over the deaths of his brother and his king.

House DeMarco

Today, Lord Saris is the Patriarch of the House of DeMarco and remains a loyal vassal and close advisor to Queen Arathea. He is considered one of the most influential nobles in the kingdom of Rennsfar and lives in an opulent palace with in the city of Tymor.