City-State of Sarkosa

Capitol: Sarkosa
Total population: 77,000 (87% Adari, 11% Gauth, 2% other)
City Population: 69,000 (living within the walls)
Demi-humans: very few
Humanoids: many
Government: City-State
Current Leader: Margrave Regis Thurgrim
Coat of Arms: a grey torch, burning with red and orange fire, with eleven stars of red above upon a black field
Imports: grain, foodstuffs,
Exports: magical items, religious artifacts, mercenaries

The city of Sarkosa, also known as the 'City of the Dark Gods,' is a independent city-state with a reputation for both dark horror and exotic beauty.

The city-state of Sarkosa is far older than the current eastern realms, and dates back to the early Second Age, when an order of monks calling themselves the Pentamundë built the city as a haven for worshippers of the Dark Gods of Chaos, and a sanctuary for their followers. Sarkosa has no allegiance to Morgoth, but is thought by many to be an evil city, because of its worship of the Dark Gods of Corwyn. The city hosts temples to all eleven of the major Gods of Chaos, and allows worship of each freely. Few outsiders have ventured within its walls. The city is protected by a force of 2,500 soldiers from Steelfist Regiment; a fearsome mercenary unit. Those troops also garrisons the fortress of Darkstone Keep, located south of the city.

Sarkosa is located in the secluded Hlethvar Valley, north of the Olgan Hills and is accessible via the Pentamundë Road which connects it to Darkstone Keep and the realm of Morgoth. Sarkosa is currently a neutral state, but it does maintain ties to Sorimmar and Morgoth, and the relationship between the two is dark and foreboding. The coat of arms of Sarkosa consists of a grey torch, burning with red and orange fire, with eleven stars of red above on a black field.