Capital: Sarkosa
Total population: 77,000 (87% Adari, 11% Gauth, 2% other)
City Population: 69,000 (living within the walls)
Demi-humans: very few
Humanoids: many
Government: City-State
Current Leader: Margrave Regis Thurgrim
Coat of Arms: a burning torch on a black field
Imports: grain, foodstuffs,
Exports: magical items, religious artifacts, mercenaries

Sarkosa, also known as the "City of the Dark Gods," is a independent city-state located in the secluded Hlethvar Valley of Eastern Corwyn.

The ancient city of Sarkosa dates back to the early Second Age, when an order of monks calling themselves the Pentamundë founded it as a haven for worshippers of the Dark Gods of Corwyn, and a sanctuary for their followers.

Surrounded by the peaks of the Olgan Hills, the exotic city of Sarkosa is thought by many to be an evil place, because it openly houses temples to all eleven of the Dark Gods, and allows the worship of each. As a result, few outsiders have ventured within its walls.

The city is protected by a force of 2,500 heavily armed mercenaries from Steelfist Regiment. These soldiers keep order and keep the peace among several competing sects which operate within the city walls.

Politically, Sarkosa remains neutral. But its present ruler; Margrave Regis Thurgrim maintains disturbingly close ties to Sorimmar, the Dark Lord of Drakhara.

The city is accessible via the Pentamundë Road, which runs south to the fortress of Sol-Olthare and the junction with the Jade Road.