The Sasserine Region

Map Key

Beroarak's Maw: Bursting from the ground beside the banks of the Hungry Fish River is a massive statue carved in the likeness of a great crocodile. The "mouth" of this stone beast is actually a tunnel that leads hundreds of feet underground to an ancient Olman temple. The tunnel is said to be lined with human skulls and bones, and haunted by the angry spirits of long-dead Olman priests. Several adventurers have investigated the site, but none ever returned.

Blisterwall Keep: Angry-looking red vines, and poisonous flowers cover the walls of this stone tower, which has long served as Sasserine's most important military outpost. Its garrison keeps a wary eye on the neighboring Sanjaara Jungle, always on the lookout for raids by either gnolls, lizard-folk, or Tasloi.

Blood Bay: This inlet off Wyvern Bay got its name because the waters often take on a reddish hue from iron ore deposits flowing down from the nearby Hungry Fish River. Kraken's Cove is located along its edge.

Caldera: (Pop: 7,830) Commonly called "Cauldron," this small city is located 80 miles east of Sasserine, inside a long-dormant volcano.

Carver's Pit: For nearly two centuries, Carver's Pit was Sasserine's largest and most important stone quarry. One night, a miner broke through a cavern wall and a horde of chittering monstrosities issued forth and devoured every hapless soul within. Since the disaster, the mine has been abandoned.

Castle Rakin: This "castle," which is nothing more than a reinforced wooden palisade surrounding a small stone keep, is a busy trading post for lumberjacks, merchants, adventurers, jungle natives, and various charlatans hocking their wares. The settlement is a popular stopping point for barges travelling the Thunder River.

Chekitewhan: Long ago, this ancient, obsidian ziggurat was built by the Olman. Today, it is shunned, as most locals fear to venture anywhere near it because of a powerful Olman curse.

Dungeon of Rust & Fire: High atop one of the peaks in the Hellfire Mountains, sits a lonely spire of rusted metal and stone. Every night, fire and smoke belch forth from its roof. Both its builders and its purpose are a mystery, and the tower's location makes it virtually inaccessible.

Evermire: (pop: 450) Because it sits astride a swampy morass, this tiny mixed settlement of humans and Jungle-Elves is built completely on stilts, and is only accessible by boat.

Fiddler's Cave: Carnelio Erlynn was the greatest bard in Sasserine's history, and also its most mysterious. In his later life, he became a hermit and moved from the city into a cavern located deep within the Hellfire Mountains. Locals swear that even today, the sound of his singing can still be heard echoing off the cavern walls.

Hellfire Mountains: Large volcanic mountain range in northern Azoria, that serves as a barrier between the region of the Wild Coast and the Sanjaara Jungle.

Hookface's Lair: Deep within the Hellfire Mountains is the lair of a fierce Red Dragon named Hookface. The lair is said to be be deep underground, surrounded by several pools of molten lava.

Kraken's Cove: Rumored to be guarded by a legendary kraken, this cove is shrouded in mystery. Dangerous cross currents make entry by ship extremely dangerous, so mariners steer well clear of this narrow rocky inlet. The cove is lined on three sides by the thick overgrowth of the surrounding Sanjaara Jungle.

Magalarve: Once a thriving Lizard-folk settlement, Magalarve is now abandoned. Its ruins consist of a series of small huts and structures built into the trees and connected by ropes and vine bridges. The settlement was destroyed during one of the many conflicts between the early Ralani settlers of the region and the fierce Lizard-folk tribes which dwelt in the Sanjaara Jungle.

Mashwan: Its name means "memory," in the ancient Olman tongue. This jungle clearing contains a circle of twelve identical stone obelisks. Sages believe its original purpose was either as a solar clock or calendar.

Port Keshlar: (Pop: 1,500) Located along the Wild Coast, Port Keshlar is a settlement which serves as the main base for Sasserine's small navy.

Sanjaara Jungle: Enormous rain-forest covering two-thirds of the continent of Azoria.

Sasserine; (total population: 22,326) Largest city in the region.

Shining Sea: The southern expanse of the Wyn Myr Ocean, its eastern boundary is the Wild Coast.

Spire of Long Shadows:This ancient, abandoned tower is avoided by locals as it gives off strange bursts of magical energy. Its builders and purpose remain an enduring mystery.

Wild Coast: The western coast of Azoria, which is dotted with human settlements dating back to the time when it was colonized by Ralani explorers from the lost Kingdom of Ralas.

Wyvern Bay: Named for flocks of wyverns which once nested along its edges, this bay is one of the least known waterways in the Shining Sea region. After ships travel through a narrow inlet, the bay opens into a large channel which is home to the seaport of Sasserine.