(population: 25,000) large fortified city and seaport located in far western Eldara on the western shores of the Sea of Ralas. Sathay is many things; a major seaport, a mighty fortress, and a wealthy trading center. The city is an important stopping point on the famous Isthmus Road running both west to Kingsport and east to Castle Greyguard. Sathay also serves as a crucial Eldaran naval base to protect the western sea lanes from pirates from both Vilzar and Tar Vielca.

The city of Sathay is currently governed by Duke BrĂ¼enor Erwald.


In ancient times during the Second Age, this city was named Magarai, and was part of the Tekritian League. The fortress-city of Magarai was later abandoned around the time of the fall of Shorafa, and was later re-populated and rebuilt into is present state by Thannish peoples of Eldara.