Sathay (Eshkar)

(population: 33,000) Located along the Storm Coast of Eldara, Sathay is a large, fortified city.

Sathay is many things; a major seaport, a mighty fortress, and a wealthy trading center. The city is an important stopping point on the famous Isthmus Road running both west to Kingsport and east to Castle Greyguard.

Sathay also serves as a crucial Eldaran naval base to protect the western sea lanes of the Sea of Ralas from both Vilzari pirates and Corsairs from Tar Vielca.

One of the largest sources of commerce in Sathay is ship-building. Every year, hundreds of Eldaran vessels are laid down here; then launched from the dozens of slips that line the city's inner harbor and outer harbors.

The Inner Harbor is protected by large "Sea-Gates;" twin doors of wood and iron that can be closed to prevent any hostile ship from entering the secure, inner harbor.

As befits a world-famous seaport; hundreds of merchant vessels from the cities of: Akros, Elsareth, Freeport, Kingsport, Natharos, Pike's Ferry, Sasserine, Shard, Tymor, and Wyn Falas can be found along its sprawling waterfront

The city of Sathay is currently governed by Duke Brüenor Erwald.

Local History

As one of the oldest cities on Corwyn, Sathay has a long history stretching back nearly 5,000 years. The city has been no stranger to wars and violence, it has been destroyed and rebuilt on four separate occasions; once by the Shorafi, and three different times by the hated Vilzari.

During the Second Age, this ancient city was founded by the Kashardi people, who named it "Eshkar." Over time, Eshkar became one of the Satrapies of the Sultanate of Kashar. When the Kashardi capital of Zangaro was destroyed, Eshkar declared itself independent and remained so for many years.

The city later became part of the Lost Tekritian League. In the Third Age, the fortress-city of Eshkar was destroyed by the Shorafi.

Around the time of the fall of Shorafa, the abandoned ruins began to rebuilt and re-populated by the Thannish peoples. The Thanns re-named the city Sathay, and continue to dwell there today.


Destruction During the Incursion Wars

Sathay was attacked, and destroyed by the Vilzari during the bitter Incursion Wars.

Destruction During the First Vilzari War

During the period of the Ravinian Empire, the city was attacked, besieged and later captured by the Vilzari.

Destruction During the War of Tears

The City of Sathay suffered terribly in the War of Tears. In the year 1049/6, the Vilzari launched a surprise offensive against Eldara by both land and sea. The City was cut-off and besieged, and later fell to the Vilzari invaders. As many as half the population was slaughtered, and thousands more were carried onto Vilzari ships and sailed away to Vilzar as slaves. Over the next several decades, the city was re-built with stronger and higher walls, a much larger military garrison, and its famous "Sea-Gates;"

Since that time, the city has also become a major base for the Eldaran Navy.