King Satiro of Eriskhar

Satiro was a powerful ruler of the City-State of Eriskhar who foolishly defied Queen Lorica for several years and violated his nation's treaties with Eloysia.

When the young Emperor Al'Dur came to power, Satiro believed he could crush the so-called "boy-king" and destroy the power of Eloysia. Thus began the Tarxian Wars in the year AR 003.

Al'Dur's armies swiftly defeated the armies of Oriad, and King Tarxian was slain in the battle of Khamesh. Soon after, King Satiro bent the knee to save his city from the same fate as Oriad.

Even today in the city, there are several monuments to the Wise King Satiro, who swallowed his pride, and saved his city from fire and death.