(population: 18,000) Scaramon is a small seaport located on the Lost Coast of Westvale Island.

As the eighth largest city in Iskandar, Scaramon is not as well-known as larger Iskari ports such as Natharos or Wyn Falas; however it still maintains a prosperous trade both via land and sea.

The city is a common meeting place for adventurers, caravans, and traveling merchants, due to the fact that it is an short sailing distance from the neighboring ports of Coradan and Rastios.

Scaramon is currently governed by Duchess Iliana Stavros.


The city of Scaramon was once the capital of Conredd, a regional Thaindom of the ancient Kingdom of Urland. After the Iskari victory in the Forty-Years War, the city was captured and became subject to their newly-established Kingdom of Iskandar. At that time, the city became the seat of the Iskari Duchy of Conredd.

The last Thain of Conredd was Athelstan.