Scourge of the Slavelords

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Shortly after the party arrives at the Fox & Hound, a mounted figure is seen on the road to the rear. At a tired gallop approaches one of Dame Gold's servants, gesturing frantically. Suddenly the horse falters and falls, pitching the rider to the ground. Scrambling to his feet, he begins sprinting toward the party, gasping out cries for help. You recognize him as one of the guards from the manor.

"Sirs! Sirs! Disaster, oh alas! Disaster!
My mistress, my workmates, all gone, all gone! Taken! Burned! Me beautiful house, pulled down … disaster, sirs, disaster!'' Stumbling into your group, he gasps for breath and continues. "Men and orcs came … over the walls… they killed everyone. Burned everything … stole my Lady, its a disaster, alas oh!"

The manor where you so recently stayed is now a blackened ruin. The stone walls stand, though badly cracked by the raging fire. Tendrils of smoke drift upward from still smoldering piles of coals. The roof is collapsed and the building is little more than a hollow shell. You are horrified to see a few bodies scattered about carelessly, as if they were a giant boy's forgotten toys.