Sea of Adar

The Sea of Adar is a large northern body of water, located west of the Vhan Myr, and south of the Nürn Myr.

It is seldom sailed during the autumn and spring months, as it is quite dangerous, with many icebergs and terrible storms. But in the summer months, there are many tall ships that ply the sea-lanes with cargoes of Dwarf-crafts, furs, ice, pelts, and whale oil for communities farther south and west. The secluded Seltar Isle is located on this body of water, but is not the only island chain found here. All the islands on the Sea of Adar have one thing in common; they are inaccessible by ship during the winter months because the sea freezes over entirely.

In fact, the far western region of the Sea of Adar never thaws, even in summer. It is called the Frozen Gulf. However, determined sled caravans will venture across the ice pack to reach these settlements on Seltar Isle and other smaller islands during the winter months.