Sea of Orel

The Sea of Orel is the most heavily traveled, heavily contested, and frequently warred over body of water on Corwyn.

Long ago, this ocean was called "the South Sea." Today, The Sea of Orel is bordered by the Eldaran Isthmus to the west and the Kratheri Peninsula to the east, and within this horseshoe coast are literally thousand of villages, hamlets and even great cities that ply their wares across the sea and trade for goods inland.

Presently, the kingdom of Orel controls much of the sea trade here, followed closely by the realm of Thûle. There are few small islands located on the sea, which are almost entirely fortified strongholds to support the navies and merchant fleets of the competing nations. The waters are warm, temperate and calm most of the year, and are heavily trafficked. It is not unusual to see literally hundreds of ships pass certain lookout points in a single day on their journeys to and from the ports along the coasts.

The Sea of Orel is the busiest waterway on the world of Oris; its busiest and most well-known seaports are: Durendar, Elsidar, Morathad, Olthad, Ordana, Renford, Seaforth, Varistan, and Westfall.