Sea of Ralas

The Sea of Ralas is located south of Corwyn, and west of the Eldaran Isthmus. It also feeds north into the Iron Sea.

The Sea of Ralas is heavily used by merchant ships from the High-Elf realm of Melinarë, as well as the human kingdoms of Eldara, Rennsfar, and Serathyr. This body of water was once controlled by the lost realm of Ralas, for which it is named. Over time, it has come to be sailed by several new nations, all of which compete for the lucrative sea trade.

The Sea of Ralas can be treacherous. Frequent storms and pirate raids from Tar Vielca are among its common dangers.

The great island of Renthara is found in this sea as well, on it the human kingdom of Rennsfar. There are several large island chains south of Rennsfar, but these are not known to be inhabited except by smugglers, pirates, and small tribes of demi-humans.

The Sea of Ralas is vitally important to maritime trade. The largest and most well-known seaports on the Sea of Ralas are: Akros, Carillon, Kingsport, Rastios, Sathay, Silvany, and Tymor.