(population 21,000) Seaforth is a small, but thriving seaport and the sixth largest city in Orel.

The city is located in the Cimbar Hills region, on the Gwynnish border, on the west banks of the mouth of River Cyr as it spills into tthe Sea of Orel.

Historically, Seaforth has been part of the kingdoms of Alveron, Gwynne, and Orel, at different times throughout its history. It lies in the hotly-contested Cimbar Hills region of Corwyn. Today, the city is officially part of Orel, but the surrounding region is an "Open-Territory," governed by Alveron. The city has also been sacked and burned a dozen times and rebuilt, so it currently has high walls and a large garrison to prevent any future disasters.

The city is accessible via the Stoneway, which connects it to Kholis to the east and Westgard Keep to the west.

The City of Seaforth is ruled by Grand Duchess Inara Andradi.