(population 25,000) Seaforth is the fifth largest city in Orel, located along the western shores of the Thannish Estuary.

Today, Seaforth is a thriving Orellian seaport, but at different times in the city's history, it has been under the control of the kingdoms of both Alveron and Gwynne.

Because the city has been sacked and burned a dozen times, it has both high walls and a large military garrison.

The city is accessible via the Stoneway, which connects it to Westgard Keep. There is also a ferry service that carries travelers to the Gwynnish city of Kholis, located on the eastern shores of the Estuary.

Because Seaforth lies on its western border, many Gwynnish citizens live and work here. There is also a large Rynnish minority, because of the proximity of the neighboring Cimbar Hills.

The City of Seaforth is ruled by Grand Duchess Inara Andradi.