the Sea Serpent

Legendary Orellian cargo vessel plying the sea lanes of Corwyn. Her captain is the infamous Rufalo Merthryn. The home port of this vessel and her crew is the large seaport of Ordana.

The ships is about 80 feet long and thirty feet wide, with a crew of 30 men. Unlike most merchant ships, the Sea Serpent is armed with two ballistae and one catapult. The armament is there to protect the ship and crew from piracy; a common threat in the high seas of Oris.

The Sea Serpent has visited seaports all over the world; including Alarë, Azoria, Carillon, Chondar, Donareth, Elsidar, Freeport, Imshar, Ko-Dan, Mori, Morathad, Natharos, Olthad, Ormath, Pike's Ferry, Rastios, Sasserine, Seaforth, all Seven Cities of Brass, Shar, Shard, Syrene, Tymor, Var Salaam, Varistan, Xhaarata, Westfall, Wyn Falas, Zakresh, and Zhin.