The Second Age; the "Age of Destruction"

The Second Age; commonly known as the "Age of Destruction," lasted 1,541 years and witnessed both the rise of Ectharë and its destruction in the terrible War of Wrath.

The rebellion of the Dark-Elves against the rulers of Ectharë was led by a powerful elvish princess named Lorynäe Anarivon, who wished to control the Elf-realm herself.

The terrible war between the elves lasted over one thousand years and ended with banishment of Lorynäe and her Dark-Elves into the Underdark.

The war also caused terrible physical destruction on the lands of eastern Corwyn, cursing them forever. The war saw the creation of a warlike race of servitor humans called the Gauth who served the Dark-Elves in that war and whose few survivors stayed on the surface in the East.

The War of Wrath caused the great elvish civilization of Ectharë to break into three smaller realms; Wyntharë in the west, Thekarë in the forest of Silvarwood, and Melinarë in the south forests. This event was called the Sundering.

Over the centuries, these three separate elvish groups became the three racial divisions of elves known today on Corwyn. In the Grey-Elves of Wyntharë; the High-Elves of Melinarë, and the Wood-Elves of Thekarë.

Near the end of this age, the elves gave the gift of magic to the race of men, because they felt it was their time and the elvish leaders did not want a repetition of the disaster of the Gauth race.

Also in this age, the dwarves begin to found their homes in the northern mountains and conquer those areas from the orcs and goblins. With the utter destruction of the East and the break-up of Ectharë, the Second Age ended.