Second Eldaran Civil War

(1246-1248/4) The Second Eldaran Civil War was a bloody conflict which led to the creation of Orel.

The rebellion against the Eldaran Amethyst Throne was led by Duke Rygar Alesard, the Oramar nobility from the city of Ordana, and the eastern coastal provinces of Eldara. The Oramar had long been resentful because of the unfair trade policies of the Royal Court in Eldarand.

There was also much bitterness over the destruction of the city of Ordana 40 years earlier, because the Oramar felt the Eldaran court had not done enough to save the city and its inhabitants from Castenar’s wrath.

In the year 1246/4, King Agathar III of Eldara died suddenly, leaving the crown in the hands of his seventeen year old son Hagar. Rygar and his fellow Oramar nobles saw the opportunity they had been looking for, and within weeks of Agathar's death, the eastern duchies of Eldara were in open revolt.

The loyalist forces were poorly led and badly disorganized. They were repeatedly defeated in a series of bloody skirmishes and minor battles. By the second year of the war, Duke Rygar soon earned a reputation as an invincible in battle commander, after winning four separate battles in three months against superior loyalist forces.

The war culminated in the large and bloody battle of Stonehedge, where King Hagar Durethë II personally led his much larger army against Duke Rygar's smaller force. The battle was a humiliating defeat for Hagar; who was personally captured and forced to ask for terms from Rygar.

After nearly three years of fighting, the Royal Court of Eldara made a peace accord and the new kingdom of Orel was founded.